Friday, May 29, 2009

Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 2: The Warehouse

Scene 4: It is later that evening and Beanpie and Tailgate are getting ready to go to the warehouse. Beanpie walks into Tailgate’s room to see if he is ready.

Beanpie: Are you ready to go yet?
Tailgate: Hold on, I need to put one more thing on.

*Tailgate puts on a ski mask

Beanpie: What do you need that for?
Tailgate: They might have cameras there.
Beanpie: Man, are you serious? Didn’t you say it was an old rundown warehouse?
Tailgate: And?
Beanpie: And there will NOT be any cameras there.
Tailgate: Whatever, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Beanpie: Man you watch too many movies.
Tailgate: And you come up with too many stupid ideas.
Beanpie: Are we gonna sit here and argue all night or are we going to head to the warehouse?
Tailgate: I’m ready, let’s take your car…..oh yeah I forgot you’re on foot patrol. Let’s go.

Scene 5: Tailgate and Beanpie are outside of the warehouse looking around.

Tailgate: Do you see anything?
Beanpie: Nope, the coast is clear.
Tailgate: Let’s get closer.

*Beanpie and Tailgate are looking through the windows to see if anyone is inside.

Tailgate: I don’t see anyone in there, how about you?
Beanpie: No brov, nobody is in there. Let’s go in.

*Beanpie crawls through an open window, only to fall on the floor.

Beanpie: Tailgate, where are you?

*Beanpie hears the door open and watches someone walk in, and in a panic he throws his shoe at him.

Tailgate: OUCH! Man, are you crazy?
Beanpie: Sorry, I thought you were someone else. How did you get in through the door? It was locked I checked.
Tailgate: Didn’t I tell you I saw Darius go inside the box and get the key?
Beanpie: Oh yeah, I guess it slipped my mind.
Tailgate: Whatever, put your flat back on and let’s look around.

*As they look around Beanpie notices all of his stuff boxed and stacked in a corner.

Beanpie: Tailgate, get over here and check this out.
Tailgate: That’s all of your stuff. Who the hell wants that?
Beanpie: We have to find a way to get this out of here before they try to sell my stuff.
Tailgate: When did they say they were going to sell it?
Beanpie: Thursday, so we will have to come back tomorrow and take it.
Tailgate: Yea we need a truck and a few more people too.
Beanpie: Let’s get out of here before someone comes.

Scene 6: Beanpie and Tailgate are back at home in Beanpie’s room

Tailgate: So how are you going to get the stuff back before Thursday?
Beanpie: I am going to call Ice Juicy, and see if he’ll help me.
Tailgate: But you’re gonna need a truck.
Beanpie: You’re right, I’ll have Lisa rent one for me.
Tailgate: Do you think she’ll do it?
Beanpie: I hope so. Do you think Jamie will come out there with us? The more hands the faster we can get in and out of there.
Tailgate: He should be able to do it.
Beanpie: Alright, so that’s what we’ll do.

*Beanpie calls Shaun, and Lisa and explains everything. Shaun agrees to come with him, and Lisa agrees to rent the truck.

Beanpie (to self): I can’t believe it. I found my stuff, and now I am gonna get it all back. Beanpie, you are back in business.

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