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Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 1: Black Raven

Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 1: Black Raven

Opening Scene: Beanpie is in his living room with Jamie and Tailgate as they wait for Lisa and Shaun.

: This is it mates, tonight we will get my stuff back.
Tailgate: I hope so, and I want to see who is taking your stuff. I really can’t believe someone went through all of this just to take your stuff.
Beanpie: Whatever the reason brov, I honestly don’t care. I just want all of my stuff back.
Jamie: Shaun’s here

*Shaun comes into the living room with everyone else.

: Hey man, are we ready to go?
Beanpie: Not yet, we’re waiting on Lisa, she had to get the truck.
Shaun: Why didn’t you go with her?
Beanpie: Because I wanted to make sure everything was going according to plan.
Shaun: The only thing we’re doing is waiting. What kind of man are you?
Beanpie: Look I don’t need the “Be a better man” speech right now I have to get focused.
Tailgate: Yeah all two of his brain cells have to be aligned.
Beanpie: Shutup trout mouth.
Jamie: Here comes Lisa
Beanpie: Alright mates let’s get to it.

*They all hop into the truck and head over to the warehouse.

Scene 2: They arrive outside of the warehouse. Once they park Beanpie reveals his master plan.

: I am about to reveal my master plan.
Lisa: I must hear this one.
Beanpie: Alright me, Tailgate and Jamie are going to head inside and get the stuff ready, Shaun and Lisa will stay here and wait for my signal. Once you get the signal, pull the truck up to the warehouse and we’ll load up.
Tailgate: That’s it?
Beanpie: Yes
Tailgate: That sounds like something a guy with no life would write in a story.
Beanpie: Whatever govy, this will work. Jamie Tailgate, let’s go.
Shaun: Wait, what’s the signal?
Beanpie: Well, I haven’t thought of that, but you’ll know it when you see it.
Shaun: Man, if you say so.

*Beanpie, Tailgate, and Jamie all head towards the warehouse.

: It looks like no one is there, good this should be easy.
Tailgate: Make sure you check inside and see.

*Beanpie flashes his light through the window.

: Nope, nobody is in there, let’s go get the key.

*Tailgate looks in the box, but the key is gone.
Tailgate: Uh……Beanpie, we have a bit of a problem.
Beanpie: What’s that mate?
Tailgate: The key is gone!!!
Jamie: Hey, the lights just turned on inside.

*The door opens, and there is a short fat man at the door with a cigar in his mouth.

Fat Man
: Well, well, well, look what we have here. A few thieves in the night. Get em boys.

*His men grab Beanpie, while Tailgate and Jamie run away.

: Hey Lisa, I’m not sure if this is the signal, but Tailgate and Jamie are running away.
Lisa: I see them.
Shaun: You wait here while I go check it out.

*Shaun leaves Lisa in the truck and goes to find out what happened.

Scene 3: Beanpie is tied up in the middle of the warehouse and sees all of his stuff ready to be shipped away. Meanwhile, the Fat Man along with Gary and two others surround him.

Fat Man
: Ah, we have the Lone Ranger. And your Indian friends from the Runs-Like-Bitches tribe have left you here all alone. Why may I ask are you here?
Beanpie: I am here to take my stuff back.
Fat Man: Your stuff you say? Where exactly is “Your Stuff”?
Beanpie: You know where it is you dodgy geezer, right over there.
Fat Man: Hahaha, well this is my warehouse, and everything inside of my warehouse belongs to me. You are sorely mistaken. The next time you sneak onto someone’s property, you really should be wary of surveillance.

*Beanpie flashes back to the conversation he and Tailgate had the night before.

: What do you need that for?
Tailgate: They might have cameras there.
Beanpie: Man, are you serious? Didn’t you say it was an old rundown warehouse?
Tailgate: And?
Beanpie: And there will NOT be any cameras there.
Tailgate: Whatever, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Beanpie(to self): You have got to be taking the piss, the little wanker was right after all.

*Shaun looks into the window and sees Beanpie tied up and surrounded by these men.

(to self): I can’t believe I am in the middle of this nonsense. Now I have to rescue this idiot in distress. The things I do, sometimes they even leave me baffled. I need something big.

*Shaun looks around and finds a two by four.

(to self): Well, here goes nothing.

*Now Tailgate and Jamie make their way back to the truck.

: Hey Lisa, they were waiting for us when we got there, now they have Beanpie.
Lisa: Who was in there?
Jamie: Some old fat guy.
Tailgate: And that tall dude, Gary was with him.
Jamie: And I saw two other guys with them too.
Lisa: We have to do something, and quickly.

*Just then Lisa’s phone rings, and she gets some interesting information.

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