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Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 2: Black Raven

Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 2: Black Raven

Scene 4: Shaun sneaks up on the guy guarding the door and hits him with the two by four, and then he sneaks inside. He looks around, and is then grabbed from behind by Gary.

Gary: Hey Unc, look what we have here, the dark knight in shining armor. And it looks like he knocked Mikey out at the door.
Fat Man: Hey George, go drag Mikey in here and guard the door. (turns to Beanpie) It looks like you even came with a few friends. Hahahahaha, this is so cute, but nothing is going to work.
Beanpie: Don’t worry mate, there are a lot more men out there waiting to storm this place.
Fat Man: Didn’t I tell you about the cameras, we saw when you came and who you came with. I am not worried about your little posse crashing this party.
: Then you should know that they will be calling the police, and all of my stuff will be returned to me.
Fat Man: Looks to me like you were caught breaking into my warehouse. Who are the cops going to side with here?
: Why exactly did you take my stuff to begin with?
Fat Man: A smart business move, you see you were running your mouth to my niece about the things you were inventing.
: You mean Charlene?
Fat Man: Ding, ding, ding, and tell the man what he’s won.
Beanpie: I can’t believe she was in on this.
Fat Man: Well son, there are many things you are not aware of, and one of them is how much money I will be getting because of these items.
Shaun: I can’t believe someone would go through all of this trouble for these bootleg ideas.
Fat Man: In these times we need to cut costs where ever we can, I have found a way to cut all costs. Now it is time to say goodbye.

*Just then George who was guarding the door crashes through the window.

Scene 5: Lisa jumps through the window behind the guard and stands facing the Fat Man and Gary.

Lisa: Why am I not surprised to see you here?
Fat Man: And what have we done to be given the honor of being graced by the presence of the Black Raven?
Gary: I always thought the Black Raven was a man
Fat Man: She’s close enough.
Lisa: Thank you for such kind words. Who do we have here? The Flying Cricket (Gary), and you, the Iron Belly (Fat Man).
Fat Man: Such names are rarely used these days, but yes it is who you have said. Though your name is well known in the underground, I do not think you can even take the Flying Cricket, Get her.

---This is where you want to get your popcorn folks.---

*Gary jumps into the air with a flying back kick.

Lisa: Trim the hedges

*Lisa repels his attack with a swift roundhouse kick.

Lisa: Please, my Green Thumb style is too much for you or any of your cronies.
Fat Man: Well then, let us find out which is better, your Green Thumb style, or my Concrete Fist style.
Lisa: Let’s go.

*Fat Man throws a punch at Lisa.

Lisa: Prune the roses

*Lisa blocks the initial punch, but does not see his second punch. It connects and sends Lisa sailing across the room.

Fat Man: The Green Thumb style is very outdated, and in need of some new moves. I would be honored to teach you, here’s lesson one!

*Meanwhile Shaun manages to untie Beanpie and they quickly move out of the way.
Shaun: Are you alright man?
Beanpie: Yeah, I’m fine.
Shaun: Good because I am a little lost. When exactly did Lisa learn karate? Beanpie: Your guess is as good as mine mate, one thing I do know. We should move out of the way before we get done over by the Black Raven.

*Shaun sees Gary lying on the floor and notices that he is coming to. He picks up the two by four and hits him on the head.

Shaun: By the way, my name is Shaun.

*Lisa stands back up and draws a line on the ground with her left foot.

Lisa: Not bad old man, now are you ready for more?
Fat Man: Lesson two, how to respect those better than you!!!

*Fat Man throws a barrage of punches only to have them all blocked by Lisa’s left foot.

Lisa: I call that one, mowing the lawn. Now this is what will happen next, I am going to till the soil, plant the seeds, water the plants, and finally remove the weeds. Fat Man: Wha….

*Lisa jumps into the air and chops Fat Man in the neck with both hands, the pokes him in the eyes, she follows that up with up with a quick sweep, and finishes it up with a mid air low blow. She stands over him and looks him in the eyes

Lisa: Now say it.
Fat Man: Never

*Lisa puts her foot on his throat

Lisa: Say it, or I will show you how I squash the ant.
Fat Man: Okay, your Kung-Fu is the best
Scene 6: Beanpie, Shaun, and Lisa tie Fat Man and company up, go back to the truck and get Tailgate and Jamie and begin to load up Beanpie’s things.

Tailgate: So, what happened in here?
: Too much to talk about now.
: How did they know we were coming?
Shaun: They had cameras, and saw Beanpie and Tailgate sneaking in last night. Tailgate (to Beanpie): I told you to wear a mask.
Beanpie: A bit late for that now don’t you think?

*As they finish putting the things in the truck, Beanpie notices a push cart in the corner.

Beanpie: Hey Ice Juicy, could you help me put this into the truck?
Shaun: Hey Randolph, my name is Shaun, and why do you want that old cart?
: This is the cart they stole from me in the first place. I can spruce it up and put it to good use.
Shaun: If you say so.

*They load everything up into the truck, and head back to Beanpie’s house.

Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 1: Black Raven

Beanpie - Volume 9 Episode 1: Black Raven

Opening Scene: Beanpie is in his living room with Jamie and Tailgate as they wait for Lisa and Shaun.

: This is it mates, tonight we will get my stuff back.
Tailgate: I hope so, and I want to see who is taking your stuff. I really can’t believe someone went through all of this just to take your stuff.
Beanpie: Whatever the reason brov, I honestly don’t care. I just want all of my stuff back.
Jamie: Shaun’s here

*Shaun comes into the living room with everyone else.

: Hey man, are we ready to go?
Beanpie: Not yet, we’re waiting on Lisa, she had to get the truck.
Shaun: Why didn’t you go with her?
Beanpie: Because I wanted to make sure everything was going according to plan.
Shaun: The only thing we’re doing is waiting. What kind of man are you?
Beanpie: Look I don’t need the “Be a better man” speech right now I have to get focused.
Tailgate: Yeah all two of his brain cells have to be aligned.
Beanpie: Shutup trout mouth.
Jamie: Here comes Lisa
Beanpie: Alright mates let’s get to it.

*They all hop into the truck and head over to the warehouse.

Scene 2: They arrive outside of the warehouse. Once they park Beanpie reveals his master plan.

: I am about to reveal my master plan.
Lisa: I must hear this one.
Beanpie: Alright me, Tailgate and Jamie are going to head inside and get the stuff ready, Shaun and Lisa will stay here and wait for my signal. Once you get the signal, pull the truck up to the warehouse and we’ll load up.
Tailgate: That’s it?
Beanpie: Yes
Tailgate: That sounds like something a guy with no life would write in a story.
Beanpie: Whatever govy, this will work. Jamie Tailgate, let’s go.
Shaun: Wait, what’s the signal?
Beanpie: Well, I haven’t thought of that, but you’ll know it when you see it.
Shaun: Man, if you say so.

*Beanpie, Tailgate, and Jamie all head towards the warehouse.

: It looks like no one is there, good this should be easy.
Tailgate: Make sure you check inside and see.

*Beanpie flashes his light through the window.

: Nope, nobody is in there, let’s go get the key.

*Tailgate looks in the box, but the key is gone.
Tailgate: Uh……Beanpie, we have a bit of a problem.
Beanpie: What’s that mate?
Tailgate: The key is gone!!!
Jamie: Hey, the lights just turned on inside.

*The door opens, and there is a short fat man at the door with a cigar in his mouth.

Fat Man
: Well, well, well, look what we have here. A few thieves in the night. Get em boys.

*His men grab Beanpie, while Tailgate and Jamie run away.

: Hey Lisa, I’m not sure if this is the signal, but Tailgate and Jamie are running away.
Lisa: I see them.
Shaun: You wait here while I go check it out.

*Shaun leaves Lisa in the truck and goes to find out what happened.

Scene 3: Beanpie is tied up in the middle of the warehouse and sees all of his stuff ready to be shipped away. Meanwhile, the Fat Man along with Gary and two others surround him.

Fat Man
: Ah, we have the Lone Ranger. And your Indian friends from the Runs-Like-Bitches tribe have left you here all alone. Why may I ask are you here?
Beanpie: I am here to take my stuff back.
Fat Man: Your stuff you say? Where exactly is “Your Stuff”?
Beanpie: You know where it is you dodgy geezer, right over there.
Fat Man: Hahaha, well this is my warehouse, and everything inside of my warehouse belongs to me. You are sorely mistaken. The next time you sneak onto someone’s property, you really should be wary of surveillance.

*Beanpie flashes back to the conversation he and Tailgate had the night before.

: What do you need that for?
Tailgate: They might have cameras there.
Beanpie: Man, are you serious? Didn’t you say it was an old rundown warehouse?
Tailgate: And?
Beanpie: And there will NOT be any cameras there.
Tailgate: Whatever, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Beanpie(to self): You have got to be taking the piss, the little wanker was right after all.

*Shaun looks into the window and sees Beanpie tied up and surrounded by these men.

(to self): I can’t believe I am in the middle of this nonsense. Now I have to rescue this idiot in distress. The things I do, sometimes they even leave me baffled. I need something big.

*Shaun looks around and finds a two by four.

(to self): Well, here goes nothing.

*Now Tailgate and Jamie make their way back to the truck.

: Hey Lisa, they were waiting for us when we got there, now they have Beanpie.
Lisa: Who was in there?
Jamie: Some old fat guy.
Tailgate: And that tall dude, Gary was with him.
Jamie: And I saw two other guys with them too.
Lisa: We have to do something, and quickly.

*Just then Lisa’s phone rings, and she gets some interesting information.

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Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 2: The Warehouse

Scene 4: It is later that evening and Beanpie and Tailgate are getting ready to go to the warehouse. Beanpie walks into Tailgate’s room to see if he is ready.

Beanpie: Are you ready to go yet?
Tailgate: Hold on, I need to put one more thing on.

*Tailgate puts on a ski mask

Beanpie: What do you need that for?
Tailgate: They might have cameras there.
Beanpie: Man, are you serious? Didn’t you say it was an old rundown warehouse?
Tailgate: And?
Beanpie: And there will NOT be any cameras there.
Tailgate: Whatever, I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Beanpie: Man you watch too many movies.
Tailgate: And you come up with too many stupid ideas.
Beanpie: Are we gonna sit here and argue all night or are we going to head to the warehouse?
Tailgate: I’m ready, let’s take your car…..oh yeah I forgot you’re on foot patrol. Let’s go.

Scene 5: Tailgate and Beanpie are outside of the warehouse looking around.

Tailgate: Do you see anything?
Beanpie: Nope, the coast is clear.
Tailgate: Let’s get closer.

*Beanpie and Tailgate are looking through the windows to see if anyone is inside.

Tailgate: I don’t see anyone in there, how about you?
Beanpie: No brov, nobody is in there. Let’s go in.

*Beanpie crawls through an open window, only to fall on the floor.

Beanpie: Tailgate, where are you?

*Beanpie hears the door open and watches someone walk in, and in a panic he throws his shoe at him.

Tailgate: OUCH! Man, are you crazy?
Beanpie: Sorry, I thought you were someone else. How did you get in through the door? It was locked I checked.
Tailgate: Didn’t I tell you I saw Darius go inside the box and get the key?
Beanpie: Oh yeah, I guess it slipped my mind.
Tailgate: Whatever, put your flat back on and let’s look around.

*As they look around Beanpie notices all of his stuff boxed and stacked in a corner.

Beanpie: Tailgate, get over here and check this out.
Tailgate: That’s all of your stuff. Who the hell wants that?
Beanpie: We have to find a way to get this out of here before they try to sell my stuff.
Tailgate: When did they say they were going to sell it?
Beanpie: Thursday, so we will have to come back tomorrow and take it.
Tailgate: Yea we need a truck and a few more people too.
Beanpie: Let’s get out of here before someone comes.

Scene 6: Beanpie and Tailgate are back at home in Beanpie’s room

Tailgate: So how are you going to get the stuff back before Thursday?
Beanpie: I am going to call Ice Juicy, and see if he’ll help me.
Tailgate: But you’re gonna need a truck.
Beanpie: You’re right, I’ll have Lisa rent one for me.
Tailgate: Do you think she’ll do it?
Beanpie: I hope so. Do you think Jamie will come out there with us? The more hands the faster we can get in and out of there.
Tailgate: He should be able to do it.
Beanpie: Alright, so that’s what we’ll do.

*Beanpie calls Shaun, and Lisa and explains everything. Shaun agrees to come with him, and Lisa agrees to rent the truck.

Beanpie (to self): I can’t believe it. I found my stuff, and now I am gonna get it all back. Beanpie, you are back in business.

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Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 1: The Warehouse

Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 1: The Warehouse

Opening Scene: Beanpie is having breakfast and getting prepared to investigate the warehouse in order to stop his products from being used by others when Tailgate comes into the kitchen.

Tailgate: Hey, so what are you planning to do about your stuff being stolen?
Beanpie: Well first off brov, I need to check the warehouse. I am pretty sure that the stuff that they nicked from me is in there. I am gonna go tonight.
Tailgate: Good luck with that one.
Beanpie: Will you come and check it out with me?
Tailgate: No, I am not going to some dark warehouse in the middle of the night to check on some stolen goods. I already did one super spy job for you. I have more important things to do, like nothing.
Beanpie: C’mon brov, I know you want to know who stole this stuff from me, and I also know that you can’t stand that fruitbat Darius either. Just come with me tonight and check it out.
Tailgate: I swear, you are lucky I’m your brother, or else I wouldn’t even think about doing something this retarded. What time are you going?
Beanpie: I will be heading out there at about 9 tonight.
Tailgate: Alright, I’ll go.

Scene 2: Beanpie goes to have lunch with Lisa at a restaurant close to her job.

Lisa: Hey Randolph, why do you look so serious today?
Beanpie: Lis, I am gonna head to that warehouse tonight.
Lisa: What?!
Beanpie: Yeah, me and Tailgate are going to check things out. I have to find out if my stuff is there.
Lisa: Okay it was one thing to find out what was going on, but now you’re going to go there, with your little brother nonetheless, just to see if your stuff is there?
Beanpie: Yes love, I have to find out what is in that warehouse. You heard what Tailgate said, the same guy that went there was taking pictures of the basement.
Lisa: You don’t even know who is behind all of this, and if you happen to find your stuff there, what are you going to do about it?
Beanpie: I’ll figure that part out once I see what is inside of the warehouse.
Lisa: I am strongly urging you not to go there. Just quit this hustle business and get a normal job.
Beanpie: I work for myself. No man has me on their books.
Lisa: Books? You want to talk about books? When was the last time you checked your books?
Beanpie: Love I know where you’re going, but my books will take care of themselves once I blow up.
Lisa: Man, you are so far in the red tat the economy feels sorry for you.
Beanpie: Now don’t say that.
Lisa: It has to be said, I mean seriously you have some climbing to do to reach rock bottom.
Beanpie: I know love, but trust me. Have faith in your man.
Lisa: I have faith in him, just not his ideas.
Beanpie: Just watch what happens once I find out who did this to me. So, can I still get that $20 from you?
Lisa: See what I mean. Here, and will you at least consider getting a real job?
Beanpie: Thanks Lis, and you know I love you babe.

*Beanpie takes the money and begins to walk home.

Scene 3: Beanpie is walking home, and runs into Shaun who is on his lunch break.

Beanpie: Hey Ice Juicy, what’s up man? You’re looking a little down today.
Shaun: It’s nothing
Beanpie: C’mon mate, use that toilet paper t-shirt and get the crap off of your chest.
Shaun: Well, you know when you had me go to the store and talk to my friend?
Beanpie: Yeah
Shaun: Well, I called her and we talked for a while. I found out because of what she said, she lost her job.
Beanpie: Really?
Shaun: Not only that, but she will lose her apartment also and she has to find another one.
Beanpie: Sorry to hear that mate.
Shaun: Well I want to ask her to stay with me for a while. I feel responsible for that.
Beanpie: Well good on ya mate. Go for it, I’m sure she’ll be happy.
Shaun: Thanks man.
Beanpie: No problem.
Shaun: Wait, did you say, “use that toilet paper t-shirt and get the crap off of your chest”?
Beanpie: Sure did, made it up here on the spot.
Shaun: That has to be the corniest line I ever heard. I suggest you keep that to yourself.
Beanpie: C’mon govy, I know you like that one. And you know what? You can use it whenever you like.
Shaun: Whatever man. Take it easy.
Beanpie: You too.
Shaun: Oh and Beanpie, my name is Shaun.

*Shaun goes back to work, and Beanpie heads home.

Beanpie - Volume 7 Episode 2: Operation: Beanpie

Beanpie - Volume 7 Episode 2: Operation: Beanpie

Lisa (to self): I don’t know why I even agreed to this nonsense, and now I have to figure out a way to talk to some clerk named Charlene about some stolen bootlegged inventions. I should have stayed in bed today. I need a smoke.

*Lisa stands outside of the store. She gets a cigarette and now she can’t seem to find her lighter.

Lisa: Excuse me do you have a light?
Woman: Yeah, here you go. You looked stressed, are you alright?
Lisa: I can’t believe this nonsense. My boyfriend has me out here to spy on some clerk named Charlene. I am supposed to find out if she knows anything about his ideas that have been stolen from him.
Woman: Well, I heard the owner of this place is shady, and just got a new line of items coming in.
Lisa: Oh yeah? Like what?
Woman: Well, I think there is dog food, dish detergent, car wax, and tea.
Lisa: Are you serious? Where did you get this info?
Woman: I know a few people in here and they can’t keep their mouths closed.
Lisa: Thanks you just saved me a trip inside. Here’s your lighter back.
Woman: Have a good one.

*Lisa gets back into her car and heads back home.

Scene 4: It’s Monday and Shaun is out and about delivering mail. He gets to the store and goes up to see his friend.

Shaun: Hey Iris, how are things?
Iris: Hey papi, how are you today?
Shaun: I’m cool, another day another dollar. You know how it is.
Iris: Aye, except you get to be outside where it’s nice, and I’m stuck in here wit Senor Stupido y amigos. What do you have for me today?
Shaun: The usual, bills, bills, and someone trying to sell you stuff.
Iris: Things never change I tell you. I wish I could get out of here papi, I hate this job.
Shaun: I know, can I ask you something?
Iris: Si papi, what is it?
Shaun: Well have you noticed anything dirty happening here?
Iris: Ha, everything about this store is dirty. The owner doesn’t know any other way. He stole this new line of products he is having shipped here on Thursday.
Shaun: Do you know where he got this new line of products from?
Iris: Papi, lemme tell you something. I never stick my nose where it don’t belong. I just answer the phones and handle the books.
Shaun: That’s cool. Good look Iris. See you tomorrow.
Iris: You could see me tonight if you called.

Scene 5: It’s Monday night, and Beanpie is in his room dealing with all of the information he has.

Beanpie (to self): Okay what do I have to work with? First off some pisser has been taking pictures of me, which means someone has been spying on me. Not only that, but the guy that robbed me is paying the bloke off. Secondly, they have a bloody new line of products coming in that just so happen to contain every single thing that I’ve made. And I guess on Thursday this new line is supposed to hit the store. I need to find a way to stop it from getting there. What to do, what to do? Oh yeah, Tailgate did say something about an old store house. Maybe I should go check it out.

Beanpie: Volume 7 Episode 1 - Operation: Beanpie

Beanpie: Volume 7 Episode 1 - Operation: Beanpie

*It is Friday night, and Beanpie is in his kitchen with Lisa, Shaun, Tailgate, and Jamie. They are all sitting around waiting for the details of his plan.

Beanpie: Okay, once again mates I thank you for coming here. I know you know why we’re here and now I’ll tell you the plan. First, Ice Juicy you deliver to the store right?
Shaun: Man, my name is Shaun. Yes I deliver there, what do you need me to do?
Beanpie: Do you know anyone there?
Shaun: Yeah, I went to school with the assistant manager. I talk to her whenever I go there.
Beanpie: Ask her if she knows about any new products they’ve been getting in. Also ask if she knows about the new guy there.
Shaun: She should be willing to talk, she hates it there anyway. I should be able to talk with her on Monday. Is that all you need me to do?
Beanpie: Yeah that should be good for now. Now on to you Tailgate. Can you and Jamie keep an eye on that guy Gary? See where he lives and that good stuff.
Tailgate: You want us to follow a grown man around like super spies?
Jamie: Man that sounds like a kind of stalking I want no part of.
Tailgate: Are you serious? This has to be the most retarded thing I’ve heard of.
Beanpie: You must not have heard of your birth. You were two genes short of being diagnosed with down syndrome.
Tailgate: See this is why I didn’t want to work with you. You make the corniest jokes up and I don’t even know if they make sense, call yourself embarrassing me, and then want me to help you.
Jamie: Yeah man, you can come up with some good ideas, but when it comes to hurting someone’s feelings, you are pathetic.
Beanpie: Is that right? Do I smell a challenge?
Tailgate: That would be an unfair challenge, but since you’re willing to get embarrassed for this I guess we’ll watch him for a bit.
Beanpie: Alright then. Now Lisa, what I need you to do is get some info on a girl that works down at the store. Her name is Charlene.
Lisa: You want me to investigate some chick at the store?
Beanpie: She knew about my ideas too, and she works there at the store. Everyone in there is a suspect.
Lisa: Alright, but if she has any issues, there will be an ugly scene inside of the store.
Shaun: Wait, we all have our parts in this, but where are you?
Beanpie: I have to proceed as normal. I have an idea for a new sham govy.
Tailgate: Oh boy, what is it now?
Beanpie: Well you know how I had that fake gardening product right?
Tailgate: It wasn’t fake they got away with more of his stuff.
Beanpie: Whatever. Well, I did some research and I found a way to make some organic fertilizer.
Tailgate: Yeah, take a dump in someone’s lawn!!!
Beanpie: Shut up piglet, this is how we’ll proceed for the time being.

Scene 2: It’s Saturday Tailgate and Jamie are hanging around the basketball court looking for Gary.

Tailgate: You sure you know what this guy looks like?
Jamie: Yeah my brother pointed him out to me this morning. He’ll be hard to miss because he’s a big Lurch lookin dude with a HUGE head.
Tailgate: Aw man, here we go look who’s headed this way. The Swagtastic Darius and his No Homo Boys.
Jamie: This is not what we need right now. Wait a minute, he’s headed to the store.
Tailgate: Yeah now he’s just sitting in front of it. Is this his new spot?
Jamie: Yeah earning extra cash by carrying bags. Hey, there’s Lurch.
Tailgate: He’s walking up to Darius, and giving him money. What is going on?
Jamie: Wait, he’s going somewhere, let’s follow him.

*Jamie and Tailgate follow Darius and are led to an out of the way store house not too far from the store.

Jamie: What do you think he’s doing here? I’m not sure, but it looks like he’s getting a key from that rusty box near the entrance. Let’s go in.
Tailgate: Wait, I think we should see if they come out with anything first.

*A few minutes pass, and Darius comes back out.

Tailgate: Man, he doesn’t have anything.
Jamie: He’s headed somewhere else. Let’s see where goes.

*They now follow Darius to a surprising location.

Tailgate: This is my house!!!
Jamie: Wait, let’s see what he does

*They watch as Darius looks into the basement window, and takes a few pictures, then leaves.

Tailgate: I can’t believe this dirty gorilla is watching my brother. I am going to settle this right now!!
Jamie: Let’s go talk to your brother first, and see if he comes up with anything. It’s not like Darius is going anywhere, we know where he lives.
Tailgate: Alright, but if he doesn’t deal with him, I definitely will.

Beanpie - Volume 6 Episode 2: Putting it all together

Beanpie - Volume 6 Episode 2: Putting it all together

*Scene 4: Beanpie is back in his kitchen holding the piece of cloth when Tailgate and Jamie come back home.

Beanpie: Hey Jamie, how did you know this came from an apron from the store?
Jamie: My big brother works there, I have seen that thing for years.
Beanpie: Hey Jamie, is your brother at work now?
Jamie: No, he’s off today
Beanpie: Do you have his number? I want to ask him a few things
Jamie: Sure it’s 555-7282. His name is Tony.
Tailgate: Why don’t you hit on a guy your age and leave my friends alone?
Beanpie: Shutup you undersized gorilla, can’t you see I’m conducting an investigation?
Tailgate: Looks to me like you’re trying to come out of the closet. C’mon Jamie, let’s go play that new Call of Duty

*Tailgate and Jamie leave and Beanpie calls Tony

Tony: Hello
Beanpie: Hey, is this Tony?
Tony: Who’s this?
Beanpie: This is Beanpie, Tailgate’s brother
Tony: Oh, you mean that smart ass that comes over here.
Beanpie: Yup, that’s him mate
Tony: What’s up with that accent? It sounds fake to me
Beanpie: That’s my natural accent govy. Do you work at the corner market?
Tony: Yeah, why?
Beanpie: I want to know if you can do me a favor.
Tony: What do you need?
Beanpie: I need a name. There is a guy there with a ripped vest, can you get me his name?
Tony: Will you promise to stop calling me?
Beanpie: Sure.
Tony: Okay, I go in tomorrow, so I should be able to tell you who it is.
Beanpie: Thanks mate.

Scene 5: Beanpie is in his room with the cloth in his hand waiting, and his phone rings

Tony: Is this Beanpie?
Beanpie: Hey Tony, what’s the outcome?
Tony: It is a new guy here, his name is Gary. He’s only been here for a few weeks. I think he’s the owner’s nephew.
Beanpie: Thanks mate
Tony: Now don’t call me anymore
Beanpie: You won’t hear from me again.
Beanpie(to self): Now I need to find out who this bloke is and why he came to rob me. First I need a plan, and an able crew to help me solve the mystery.

Scene 6: Beanpie is in his kitchen sitting at the table with Tailgate, Lisa, Shaun, and Jamie.

Tailgate: Why did you call us here and what are you smoking that stupid pipe? Beanpie; The reason I called you here, let’s see….I wanted to ask you all to help me find out who keeps stealing my ideas and why they’re doing it.
Shaun: Whoa…..what makes you think we’ll help you?
Beanpie: Well, I can’t do it by myself, and I have a plan to find out exactly who is behind this whole thing.
Lisa: Maybe it’s just a sign that you need to get a job.
Beanpie: Listen guys, I know none of you believed I was getting robbed, but Tailgate and I set a trap a couple of days ago, and someone broke into the basement and stole my idea. I laid the trap, and I have found out who it was. Now, all I need is your help, and we can catch this guy. Tailgate: Now we all know I am normally against retarded ideas, especially when they come out of my brother’s mouth, but I was there, and saw what happened. At the very least I want to see the idiot that actually did this.
Lisa: I can help a bit, but remember I do have a job to go to.
Shaun: Well, I did like the car polish, so you can count me in.
Jamie: I guess I’ll help too, I have nothing else to do.
Beanpie: Great. I just need you all to be here on Friday night. That’s when I’ll have the details for you.
Tailgate: Why do we have to wait until Friday?
Beanpie: Because, that’s when the bloody plan will happen.
Shaun: You don’t have a plan do you?
Beanpie: Not fully, but it’ll be ready on Friday.
Shaun (Laughing): Whatever man, I’ll be here.
Lisa: Let the fun begin