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Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 1: The Warehouse

Beanpie - Volume 8 Episode 1: The Warehouse

Opening Scene: Beanpie is having breakfast and getting prepared to investigate the warehouse in order to stop his products from being used by others when Tailgate comes into the kitchen.

Tailgate: Hey, so what are you planning to do about your stuff being stolen?
Beanpie: Well first off brov, I need to check the warehouse. I am pretty sure that the stuff that they nicked from me is in there. I am gonna go tonight.
Tailgate: Good luck with that one.
Beanpie: Will you come and check it out with me?
Tailgate: No, I am not going to some dark warehouse in the middle of the night to check on some stolen goods. I already did one super spy job for you. I have more important things to do, like nothing.
Beanpie: C’mon brov, I know you want to know who stole this stuff from me, and I also know that you can’t stand that fruitbat Darius either. Just come with me tonight and check it out.
Tailgate: I swear, you are lucky I’m your brother, or else I wouldn’t even think about doing something this retarded. What time are you going?
Beanpie: I will be heading out there at about 9 tonight.
Tailgate: Alright, I’ll go.

Scene 2: Beanpie goes to have lunch with Lisa at a restaurant close to her job.

Lisa: Hey Randolph, why do you look so serious today?
Beanpie: Lis, I am gonna head to that warehouse tonight.
Lisa: What?!
Beanpie: Yeah, me and Tailgate are going to check things out. I have to find out if my stuff is there.
Lisa: Okay it was one thing to find out what was going on, but now you’re going to go there, with your little brother nonetheless, just to see if your stuff is there?
Beanpie: Yes love, I have to find out what is in that warehouse. You heard what Tailgate said, the same guy that went there was taking pictures of the basement.
Lisa: You don’t even know who is behind all of this, and if you happen to find your stuff there, what are you going to do about it?
Beanpie: I’ll figure that part out once I see what is inside of the warehouse.
Lisa: I am strongly urging you not to go there. Just quit this hustle business and get a normal job.
Beanpie: I work for myself. No man has me on their books.
Lisa: Books? You want to talk about books? When was the last time you checked your books?
Beanpie: Love I know where you’re going, but my books will take care of themselves once I blow up.
Lisa: Man, you are so far in the red tat the economy feels sorry for you.
Beanpie: Now don’t say that.
Lisa: It has to be said, I mean seriously you have some climbing to do to reach rock bottom.
Beanpie: I know love, but trust me. Have faith in your man.
Lisa: I have faith in him, just not his ideas.
Beanpie: Just watch what happens once I find out who did this to me. So, can I still get that $20 from you?
Lisa: See what I mean. Here, and will you at least consider getting a real job?
Beanpie: Thanks Lis, and you know I love you babe.

*Beanpie takes the money and begins to walk home.

Scene 3: Beanpie is walking home, and runs into Shaun who is on his lunch break.

Beanpie: Hey Ice Juicy, what’s up man? You’re looking a little down today.
Shaun: It’s nothing
Beanpie: C’mon mate, use that toilet paper t-shirt and get the crap off of your chest.
Shaun: Well, you know when you had me go to the store and talk to my friend?
Beanpie: Yeah
Shaun: Well, I called her and we talked for a while. I found out because of what she said, she lost her job.
Beanpie: Really?
Shaun: Not only that, but she will lose her apartment also and she has to find another one.
Beanpie: Sorry to hear that mate.
Shaun: Well I want to ask her to stay with me for a while. I feel responsible for that.
Beanpie: Well good on ya mate. Go for it, I’m sure she’ll be happy.
Shaun: Thanks man.
Beanpie: No problem.
Shaun: Wait, did you say, “use that toilet paper t-shirt and get the crap off of your chest”?
Beanpie: Sure did, made it up here on the spot.
Shaun: That has to be the corniest line I ever heard. I suggest you keep that to yourself.
Beanpie: C’mon govy, I know you like that one. And you know what? You can use it whenever you like.
Shaun: Whatever man. Take it easy.
Beanpie: You too.
Shaun: Oh and Beanpie, my name is Shaun.

*Shaun goes back to work, and Beanpie heads home.

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  1. Lisa: Man, you are so far in the red tat the economy feels sorry for you.<--- FUNNY!!!!