Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beanpie - Volume 7 Episode 2: Operation: Beanpie

Beanpie - Volume 7 Episode 2: Operation: Beanpie

Lisa (to self): I don’t know why I even agreed to this nonsense, and now I have to figure out a way to talk to some clerk named Charlene about some stolen bootlegged inventions. I should have stayed in bed today. I need a smoke.

*Lisa stands outside of the store. She gets a cigarette and now she can’t seem to find her lighter.

Lisa: Excuse me do you have a light?
Woman: Yeah, here you go. You looked stressed, are you alright?
Lisa: I can’t believe this nonsense. My boyfriend has me out here to spy on some clerk named Charlene. I am supposed to find out if she knows anything about his ideas that have been stolen from him.
Woman: Well, I heard the owner of this place is shady, and just got a new line of items coming in.
Lisa: Oh yeah? Like what?
Woman: Well, I think there is dog food, dish detergent, car wax, and tea.
Lisa: Are you serious? Where did you get this info?
Woman: I know a few people in here and they can’t keep their mouths closed.
Lisa: Thanks you just saved me a trip inside. Here’s your lighter back.
Woman: Have a good one.

*Lisa gets back into her car and heads back home.

Scene 4: It’s Monday and Shaun is out and about delivering mail. He gets to the store and goes up to see his friend.

Shaun: Hey Iris, how are things?
Iris: Hey papi, how are you today?
Shaun: I’m cool, another day another dollar. You know how it is.
Iris: Aye, except you get to be outside where it’s nice, and I’m stuck in here wit Senor Stupido y amigos. What do you have for me today?
Shaun: The usual, bills, bills, and someone trying to sell you stuff.
Iris: Things never change I tell you. I wish I could get out of here papi, I hate this job.
Shaun: I know, can I ask you something?
Iris: Si papi, what is it?
Shaun: Well have you noticed anything dirty happening here?
Iris: Ha, everything about this store is dirty. The owner doesn’t know any other way. He stole this new line of products he is having shipped here on Thursday.
Shaun: Do you know where he got this new line of products from?
Iris: Papi, lemme tell you something. I never stick my nose where it don’t belong. I just answer the phones and handle the books.
Shaun: That’s cool. Good look Iris. See you tomorrow.
Iris: You could see me tonight if you called.

Scene 5: It’s Monday night, and Beanpie is in his room dealing with all of the information he has.

Beanpie (to self): Okay what do I have to work with? First off some pisser has been taking pictures of me, which means someone has been spying on me. Not only that, but the guy that robbed me is paying the bloke off. Secondly, they have a bloody new line of products coming in that just so happen to contain every single thing that I’ve made. And I guess on Thursday this new line is supposed to hit the store. I need to find a way to stop it from getting there. What to do, what to do? Oh yeah, Tailgate did say something about an old store house. Maybe I should go check it out.

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