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Beanpie - Volume 6 Episode 2: Putting it all together

Beanpie - Volume 6 Episode 2: Putting it all together

*Scene 4: Beanpie is back in his kitchen holding the piece of cloth when Tailgate and Jamie come back home.

Beanpie: Hey Jamie, how did you know this came from an apron from the store?
Jamie: My big brother works there, I have seen that thing for years.
Beanpie: Hey Jamie, is your brother at work now?
Jamie: No, he’s off today
Beanpie: Do you have his number? I want to ask him a few things
Jamie: Sure it’s 555-7282. His name is Tony.
Tailgate: Why don’t you hit on a guy your age and leave my friends alone?
Beanpie: Shutup you undersized gorilla, can’t you see I’m conducting an investigation?
Tailgate: Looks to me like you’re trying to come out of the closet. C’mon Jamie, let’s go play that new Call of Duty

*Tailgate and Jamie leave and Beanpie calls Tony

Tony: Hello
Beanpie: Hey, is this Tony?
Tony: Who’s this?
Beanpie: This is Beanpie, Tailgate’s brother
Tony: Oh, you mean that smart ass that comes over here.
Beanpie: Yup, that’s him mate
Tony: What’s up with that accent? It sounds fake to me
Beanpie: That’s my natural accent govy. Do you work at the corner market?
Tony: Yeah, why?
Beanpie: I want to know if you can do me a favor.
Tony: What do you need?
Beanpie: I need a name. There is a guy there with a ripped vest, can you get me his name?
Tony: Will you promise to stop calling me?
Beanpie: Sure.
Tony: Okay, I go in tomorrow, so I should be able to tell you who it is.
Beanpie: Thanks mate.

Scene 5: Beanpie is in his room with the cloth in his hand waiting, and his phone rings

Tony: Is this Beanpie?
Beanpie: Hey Tony, what’s the outcome?
Tony: It is a new guy here, his name is Gary. He’s only been here for a few weeks. I think he’s the owner’s nephew.
Beanpie: Thanks mate
Tony: Now don’t call me anymore
Beanpie: You won’t hear from me again.
Beanpie(to self): Now I need to find out who this bloke is and why he came to rob me. First I need a plan, and an able crew to help me solve the mystery.

Scene 6: Beanpie is in his kitchen sitting at the table with Tailgate, Lisa, Shaun, and Jamie.

Tailgate: Why did you call us here and what are you smoking that stupid pipe? Beanpie; The reason I called you here, let’s see….I wanted to ask you all to help me find out who keeps stealing my ideas and why they’re doing it.
Shaun: Whoa…..what makes you think we’ll help you?
Beanpie: Well, I can’t do it by myself, and I have a plan to find out exactly who is behind this whole thing.
Lisa: Maybe it’s just a sign that you need to get a job.
Beanpie: Listen guys, I know none of you believed I was getting robbed, but Tailgate and I set a trap a couple of days ago, and someone broke into the basement and stole my idea. I laid the trap, and I have found out who it was. Now, all I need is your help, and we can catch this guy. Tailgate: Now we all know I am normally against retarded ideas, especially when they come out of my brother’s mouth, but I was there, and saw what happened. At the very least I want to see the idiot that actually did this.
Lisa: I can help a bit, but remember I do have a job to go to.
Shaun: Well, I did like the car polish, so you can count me in.
Jamie: I guess I’ll help too, I have nothing else to do.
Beanpie: Great. I just need you all to be here on Friday night. That’s when I’ll have the details for you.
Tailgate: Why do we have to wait until Friday?
Beanpie: Because, that’s when the bloody plan will happen.
Shaun: You don’t have a plan do you?
Beanpie: Not fully, but it’ll be ready on Friday.
Shaun (Laughing): Whatever man, I’ll be here.
Lisa: Let the fun begin

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